The University of Auckland Library Anthropology Photographic Archive - The University Of Auckland


Terms and Conditions

The archive recognises that it is important to distinguish between two sets of sensitivities:

(a) Those of people of the culture depicted in the photographs.
Responsibility to identify any material likely to be considered sensitive by the culture in question lies in the first instance with the photographer choosing to deposit material in the archive. It is recognised, however, that expectations change over time. There may, for example, be different expectations now compared with the time when the original photograph was taken, or when it was deposited in the archive. Unless there is notification to the contrary, the archive assumes that the photographs were taken with the full knowledge and approval of each host community. The photographs will therefore be considered as unrestricted for the purposes of private study and research consistent with the purposes for which the archive was established.

(b) Those of persons viewing such photographs on this database.
The content of all photographs is believed to conform to relevant New Zealand law.

The photographs on this database remain the property of the Department of Anthropology Photographic Archive and may not be reproduced or copied without prior approval in writing.

Copyright of these photographs resides with the photographer or his/her literary executor. The Anthropology Photographic Archive has obtained authority from each photographer represented in the database to make copies on request, and such authority is vested in the Photo Archivist in the Anthropology Department, consistent with any conditions imposed by the photographer. The archivist will take into account appropriate use of the images and any matters of cultural sensitivity. No commercial use of the materials will be authorised by the archive without the photographer's permission.

Access to the database and photographs is conditional on the understanding that you agree to the terms and conditions above, and that you will not use the photographs for purposes other than those specified when requesting permission to obtain a copy.

I agree to these terms and conditions: