Activity Type List




1.    Administration and government services

2.    Community life

3.    Excavations

4.    Exchange and circulation activities

5.    Fieldwork

6.    Labour activities

7.    Landscape and places

8.    Material culture

9.    Performing arts

10.           Politics

11.           Portraits

12.           Religious life and ritual activities

13.           Socialising

14.           Subsistence activities

15.           Wildlife

Detailed Description of Scope:


Administration and government services

e.g. activities by government patrols, census taking, station life, health clinics, schools etc.

Community life

e.g. activities around the house and village, domestic life, childcare, food preparation, community projects (such as building new meeting house etc) etc.


e.g. work at and on archaeological excavations

Exchange and circulation activities

e.g. marriage, peace, mortuary, ceremonial gift exchange, collecting/amassing and distributing of goods and produce, redistribution etc.


e.g. site surveys, aerial photography, workers on excavation sites, research assistants, researchers working with informants, researchersí living situations and set up, images of researchers in general, etc

Labour activities

e.g. working for money, labour in the wider economic system, trading market produce, markets

Landscapes and places

e.g. stations, towns, hamlets, villages, mountains, rivers etc

Material culture

e.g. house building, canoe making, carving, mat and basket weaving, other artefact making, the artefacts themselves, objects of daily use, daily clothing, etc

Performing arts

e.g. dancing, music performance, body decoration etc


e.g. conflicts, speech making, dispute settlements, village courts, witchcraft moots, village meetings, etc


e.g. portraits of groups and individual persons

Religious life and ritual activities

e.g. church, burials, cult activities, divination, oracles, healing, initiation, wedding, etc


e.g. playing games such as cricket, bingo, soccer; sitting together and chatting, betelnut chewing, feasting etc

Subsistence activities

e.g. clearing land, slashing and burning, all aspects of horticulture (tilling planting, tending, harvesting, propagating etc), fishing, food collecting, hunting etc.


e.g. animals, plants, trees etc