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Search a selection of drawings, plans,elevations and photographs from the University of Auckland's collection.


  • AND. Use the & symbol to combine terms and narrow your search results e.g. Gummer & Auckland, or Gummer & "Queen Street".
  • OR. Use a forward slash (/) for OR searching e.g. 'Interior/Detail' searches for interior or detail.
  • NOT. Use exclamation mark (!) to exclude terms e.g. Plans!photograph searches for plans not photographs, Railway!britomart' searches for railway not Britomart
  • TRUNCATION. Use an asterisk (*) to broaden your search to include all word endings and plurals e.g. Hous* will search for houses and housing
  • PHRASE. Use quotation marks e.g. "Old railway station" to find a phrase
  • DATES. Use colon (:) for date range searching e.g. 1914:1935