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Obtaining access to items in the database

Most items in the database are freely available online. Where materials are only in print, or access is restricted in some way, this will be noted on the record for the item, using categories such as:

Using the Subject Headings list

The Subject Headings list is in the menu bar at the top of each page. It is an A-Z list of descriptive terms that are used in the database.

To link through to a list of all the entries in the database with a specific subject heading, click on the descriptive term.

The list also contains some terms that are not yet in use - when these terms are clicked no results will be returned.

Using the Search Screen

Search Boxes

The search operators listed below allow you to focus your search further. Use them within the search boxes to for example, link terms, broaden your search to include plurals, or narrow your search to exclude certain terms.

Submit Query: once you have entered your search terms, click the Submit Query button to conduct the search.

Reset: to clear the search screen, click the Reset button.

Keyword / Freetext Search: use a combination of keywords or phrases to find all the entries that include your keyword or combination of keywords. This search covers all the text of the database entries, namely the title, author, subjects, summary, publisher, place of publication, format, description and location. It does not search the content of linked materials.

Title Search: enter one or more words from the title to find entries containing those words.

Author Search: use the format "Surname, A B" or "Surname A B" to find an author. Using an initial first ("A B Surname") or the full first name of an author will return no results. Using the surname only results in a list of all authors with that name.

Publisher Search: enter one or more words from the publisher's name to find entries containing those words.

Date Search: enter a year (e.g. 1999) to find all the entries published in that year. Note that for websites, the year is likely to be the current year. To search for a certain date range, use the format 2000:2003.

Format Search: use the drop down list of format types and select a format to limit your search to that format only.

Fulltext Only Search: limit your search to fulltext only by combining a keyword, subject heading, title, author, or publisher with the term "fulltext" in the drop-down list under Format.

Browse Lists

To the right of each search box is a browse list box. The browse lists contain all the terms used in the database, for example, all the subjects or all the authors names.

The browse list is used to select a certain term and insert it into the search box. The number to the left of each term indicates the number of entries associated with that term.

Using the browse lists

Search Operators & Hints

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