New Zealand Fisheries Management Research Database Te Whare a Tonganui

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Database Details


The database was designed and created by Shari Hearne, Julie Sibthorpe, Ian Jones and Leonie Hayes of the University of Auckland Library. Content is compiled and maintained by University of Auckland business research librarians.

Editorial board members from the University of Auckland Business School are Professor Manuka Henare and Dr Basil Sharp.

Editorial policy


The database contains key New Zealand material covering social, economic, environmental, recreational and customary rights information. The database also contains historical information, though this is not a primary interest.

Material in Maori may be included, with an English translation of the title and description of the contents.

Recreational information covers both fresh and salt water fishing activities and species information.

Relevant international sources include information on fisheries management activities of the Pacific Rim countries and the Nordic countries.


Biological or scientific data are not included.

Recreational species information is limited to indigenous stock. No imported species such as trout are included.

This resource should not be seen as authoritative beyond its intended purpose for use as stated above.


At its launch in mid-October 2006, the database covered a range of key relevant material. The database will be substantially augmented in the months following the launch.

To maintain currency, the compilers have undertaken to update the content at regular intervals and as users identify errors or omissions in the coverage of material or typographical errors.

All such comments and suggestions are welcome. Please use the Suggestions Form supplied for this purpose.


The Ministry of Fisheries for funding of the database
University of Auckland UniServices for contractual arrangements
University of Auckland Business School staff for guidance and editorial assistance
Digital Services, University of Auckland Library for database design and development
University of Auckland Library for hosting the database

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